Live Updates: The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

As the committal service in Windsor draws to a close, the Queen’s coffin has been lowered into the Royal Vault, set below the chapel, where many royal family members have been laid to rest.  

At the same time, the Dean of Windsor read a psalm and the Commendation, after which the Garter King of Arms – the senior official responsible for the heraldry of England, Wales and Northern Ireland – pronounced the styles and titles of the Queen.  

The event at St. George’s marks the end of public ceremonial arrangements for the late monarch. A private burial service will be held for the family later Monday evening.  

And in fact, the Queen is to be relocated to the King George VI Memorial Chapel, located elsewhere within St. George’s, where she will be laid to rest alongside her beloved husband of 73 years, Prince Philip.  

The memorial chapel is where the Queen’s father and mother were interred and where a casket containing the ashes of the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, remains. 

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